My beloved spiritual brothers and sisters in Christ God,



"For all that is in the world–the lust of the flesh,
the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life–is not
of the Father but is of the world" (1 John 2:16).

Who has lived here on earth and has not tasted the taste of pride? Pride is the common enemy to every human being. The chief of pride is none other then Satan. It was because of his pride that he lost his place in the heavens and cast out. "And He said to them, I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven" (Luke 10:18). Satan is both fallen from heaven, and he is defeated and dethroned from his demonic lordship over the world by the Divine earthly Ministry of Jesus Christ and His holy Disciples. And in Isaiah 14 we read, "How you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, who rose up in the morning! He who sends for all the nations is crushed to the earth. For you said in your mind, ‘I will ascend into heaven; I will place my throne above the stars of heaven. I willl sit on a lofty mountain, on the lofty mountains toward the north. I will ascend above the clouds; I will be like the Most High.’ (Pride) But now you shall descend to Hades, to the foundatons of the earth" (vs. 12-15). Five times Lucifer says "I will" in this passage. In this five-step process, he fully intended to take the place of the One Ture God.

Pride has different names i.e., egotism, arrogance, conceit, vanity, etc. but nevertheless it is the same passion and is just as destructive."The one who is subject to pride is desperately in need of God, for no man can savse such one" (St. John Climacus). Saint John Climacus writes: "Pride is a denial of God, an invention of the devil, contempt for men. It is the mother of condemnation, the offspring of praise, a sign of barrenness. It is flight from God’s help, the harbinger of madness, the author of downfall. It is the cause of diabolical possession, the source of anger, the gateway of hypocrisy. It is the fortress of demons, the custodian of sins, the source of hardheartedness. If is the denial of compassion, a bitter pharisee, a cruel judge. It is the foe of God. It is the root of blasphemy. Pride begins where vainglory leaves off…" (The Ladder of Divine Ascent).

Pride blinds a person and cannot see his/her sin. A proud person has lost all discernment between good and evil. Man is deceived through pride that he and not God is the Supreme Being. Man is self-absorbed and so egotistical that he believes that he is all-powerful and in control of life and destiny. He is drunk with pride, so much so, that he believes himself to be a supreme and a brilliant being, very talented and indinspansable. He has become delusional and psychotic. He has rebelled against His Creator and God and lives in total isolation. Thanks to his all-consuming pride he has lost vuluntarily communion with the Lord and has reached the point of insanity.

Saint John of Kronstadt writes, "Adam became so proud that he wished to become God and died for his pride; the Son of God humbled Himself unto death, and gave life to the fallen. O abyss of humilty! Adam and Eve lost themselves through gluttony, the Lord fasted and died for them, in order to give them life. They were disobedient, Christ fulfilled obedience. We are invited to join the company of the cherubim, seraphim, thrones, dominations, angels, and archangels — to take the place of the proud, fallen spirits."

The antidote for pride is HUMILITY! "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you." "Therefore, thank God for outward dishonor:those who endure dishonor here will not be subjected to it in the next world." Keep a strict watch against every appearance of pride: it appears imperceptibly, particularly in time of anger and irritabillity against others for quite unimportant causes. See yourself as the Saints do as the sinner or sinners and reject self-love. The two idols that a proud man worships are materialism (wealth) and hedonism (pleasure).

The proud and foolish man says ‘there is no God.’ "Man, in his present state, is wholly permeated with pride, wickedness, unbelief, doubt, incredulity, disobedience, heedlessness, malice, fornication, envy, covetousness, avarice, slothfulness, sometimes cowardice, despondency, theft, falsehood, and blasphemy. What a great labor lies before every Christian man to cleanse himsel from all the impurity and corruption of the passions! (St. John Kronstadt)

Saint Kronstadt advises how to overcome pride: "Value highly, and always preserve Christian meekness and kindness, mutual peace and love, crushing by every possible means the impulses of self-love, malice, irritabiility, and disturbance. Do not be disturbed and angered, when anybody bells you a falsehood to your face, or claims any unjust pretension, or speaks offensively, or boldly detects any of your weaknesses or passions, the wrongfulness of which, through your self-love, you did not suspect."

"Watch you heart during all your life — examine it, listen to it, and see what prevents its union with the Most Blessed Lord. Let this be for you the science of all sciences, and with God’s help you will easily observe what estranges you from God, and what draws you towards Him and unities you to Him. It is the evil spirit more than anything that stasnds between our hearts and God, he estranges God from us by various passions, or by desires of the flesh, by the desires of the eyes, and by worldly pride." (St. John Kronstadt)

Saint John of Kronstadt states, "This is why Christ, the Savior, and the Christian religion command everyone to hae the meeknes and humility which do not allow the spirits of evil and pride, seeking the death of all and each one, to work in the hearts of true Christians. The Lord says: "Learn of Me, for I am meek and lowly in heart." The wrath of man is a terrible unnatural phenomenon in a man; it is often aroused in the heart by the most unimportant causes — mostly through the self-love or pride concealed in our heart. We must remember that "The wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God" (James 1:20). "The wrath of man" is unjust, ungracious and severe. It proceeds from unconrtrolled anger and it is not God’s judgment. For us to discern "the righteousness of God" requires patience, graciousness, and controlled passions.

Saint John of Kronstadt reminds us that "humility destroys all the snares of he enemy. Ah! how much secret pride there is in us. This, we say, I know; this I do not need; this is not for me; this is superfluous; in that I am not a sinner. How much sophistry of our own! "He who is infected by pride is inclined to show conempt for everything even for holy and Divine objects: PRIDE MENTALLY DESTROYS OR DEFILES EVERY GOOD THOUGHT, WORD, NOT, EVERY CREATION OF GOD. IT IS THE DEADLY BREATHING SATAN.. It is the evil spirit than anything that stands between our hearts and God, he estranges God from us by various passions, or by the desires of the flesh, by the desires of the eyes, and by worldly pride."


"Glory Be To GOD
All Things!

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